Elecboy By Jaouen Salaün – Graphic Novel Review


In a devastated cityscape, a lone man fights off creatures of fearsome power: white, winged, serenely impassive, and capable of terrifying transformations… Decades later, in a desolate American southwest, a meager colony of human survivors ekes out a precarious existence between dwindling water supplies and magnetic shields that screen them from roving bands of aerial attackers. An ancestral upper class presides, while in the lower city, laborers do the hazardous work of keeping everyone alive. But all that may be about to change when the mysterious Joshua comes of age…


Thank you to NetGalley and Europe Comics for providing a copy in exchange for a fair review.

This will be my first review for a graphic novel, as well as the first graphic novel I’ve read in as long as I can remember. My interest in reading it resulted from a rare NetGalley check in. I of course go right to the Science Fiction and Fantasy list and upon my reaction to the cover, I found that it was a graphic novel. Everything from the coverart to the title and description was shouting “Hi, I’m Weird and was created with dream and determination.” Next thing I knew I was halfway through the striking mix of scifi and Dystopia.

Elecboys amazing art fascinated me with its contrast of High Tech advanced beings based on a Greek/Roman architectural space station/craft orbiting the earth like planet, and the desolate and scrounged setting plus style of the humans, trying to survive in a post apocalyptic desert scrubland. I live in the Arizona desert and the creator, Jaouen, did a great job of capturing that feeling of miserable heat, reliance on water, and the dust and ďirt that is everywhere.

It actually reminded me of a mostly abandoned place called The Salton Sea. Located east of Palm Springs, it is a humongous body of water created in the early 1900’s from a runoff of the Colorado River. There were resorts built on the edge of the sea that catered to Rockstars and celebrities in the 60’s that have now fallen into ruin, leaving behind a couple small towns and communities scattered with the ttough residents and the structural remains of those that eventually gave up the fight to live in such an abandoned and foul smelling life. I’ve lived there, and I assure you, the sea gives off the most awful smell almost all year and you never get used to it. Combined with poverty and lack of resources, it’s a great training experience for a life similar to what I was reading in Elecboy. Again, the creator really excelled at portraying the many qualities of the struggle to survive.

Adding to the vibe is the actual crazy story. The techno angel like beings from space are on a almost military like mission to find one human. It seems the efforts have continued for at least a decade or two and the small human settlements are vulnerable to an attack except for some strange shielding tech we never get a full explanation of. In fact, I read it twice to see if I missed some things because it did feel like some details were left out that could’ve made the story a little easier to follow. This fact resulted in a 2nd read through that did clear up a few things I missed the first time. I believe I took more time taking in each visual scene as well as the written parts. It ended in a perfect spot to ignite the desire to scratch the “what is going to happen in the next edition which I now have to read” itch.

Thanks for visiting OllieSpot my friends. Please leave a comment, or reach out if there are any other Graphic Novels that I should check out, the weirder – the better. See ya again soon with my review for a unique and Indie SF/Space Opera, called “The Secret Of Umami” Book One of The Galactic Culinary Society series by D.R. Schoel. Goodreads link above and take a look at the cover:

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