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January 13th through the 18th will be Kept From Cages by Phil Williams.

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The Wrack by John Bierce Book Tour Presented by Storytellers On Tour

*August 2nd through August 8th 2020* Participants:

  • Storytellers On Tour
  • Armed with a Book
  • @Katsreadingcorner
  • OlliespotSFFbookReview
  • The Sword Smith
  • Spells & Spaceships
  • Marginally Magical
  • Out of This World SFF Book Reviews
  • The Coycaterpillar Reads
  • Horror Tree
  • RedStarReviews
  • BarbsBookClub
  • Fantasy Book Critic
  • FanFiAddict
  • Al-Alhambra
  • BeforeWeGoBlog
  • RockStarLit BookAsylum

Book Blurb

Plague has come to the continent of Teringia.
As the Wrack makes its slow, relentless march southwards, it will humble kings and
healers, seers and merchants, priests and warriors. Behind, it leaves only screams and
suffering, and before it, spreads only fear.
Lothain, the birthplace of the Wrack, desperately tries to hold itself together as the
plague burns across it and its neighbors circle like vultures. The Moonsworn healers
would fight the Wrack, but must navigate distrust and violence from the peoples of Ter-
ingia. Proud Galicanta readies itself for war, as the Sunsworn Empire watches and waits
for the Wrack to bring its rival low.
And the Wrack advances, utterly unconcerned with the plans of men.

Between Starfalls by S. Kaeth  Book Tour Presented by WriteHive

Here’s the link to the tour info: Between Starfalls by S. Kaeth

This will be my first book tour outside of Storytellers On Tour and a first time doing a Guest Post. Kriti from WriteHive has been a really positive and fun person I’ve been  fortunate to have met through all of the amazing members of the SFF writing community.

I look forward to July 7th to post my review. Also, on one of the days, there will be a Guest Post on my site about a very cool topic that I think most people will find interesting.

S. Kaeth Website