Book “Falls” after Fall…Of Towers and Mythic Reptiles

Thank you friend, for braving the genre-mosphere’s SFF ever-changing elements to pay a visit to this strange and odd locale. Changes are coming.. Surprises will be surprising, and the excitement that these books give us will be blatant, unregulated, and will steamroll any boring facades of propor and linear demeanor I might try to show the world. This will be an unrestricted and unstoppable contagion of the joy that is reading.

Welcome to this unplanned page, I can comfortably say will be reserved for fun rantings, my what’s up’s, my rage on a page when I find out that I used the word “And” 600 times in my last 900 word count book review.

So away with my follow counts, I’m jumping off the bandwagon, and will be myself, in the momen. I won’t hide that bumbling, yet insightful and totally floored human I was, after reading Gareth Hanrahans The Gutter Prayer. Fair warning, after I get to read Josiah Bancrofts series ending, The Fall of Babel, or Leviathans Fall by James S.A Corey, to wrap up the brain blast that is The Expanse, I might retire my life as a reader. That retirement won’t last long upon reflection, as Derek Kunsken is about to release The Quantum War, a book I would come back from the dead to read, if I had to (hoping that won’t be necessary.

Upon further reflection, I’m also in dire need of reading the third book in Travis M. Riddle’s Houndstooth Trilogy, which would probably be out already if Travis wasn’t out there having fun and actually enjoying life by becoming a Rockstar with his band, Tuck & Barrel

And then there’s the space opera powerhouse duo, https://www.j, and T.A. Bruno. Both have the first two books released, both new authors are writing with their own style of space opera storytelling. Built of fully formed world-building, and strong character development that creates an emotional engagement.

Dang, come to think of it, being a part of a group that is working together to choose the 1st annual SPSFC, or Self published Science Fiction Competition is becoming such a happiness inducing project, it may have been easier to just cross out the thought of having to come back from the dead, and just say, I’ve got a ton of book related events, releases, projects, and who knows how many unplanned highlights that might occur along the way. I think being in my forties has unlocked that region of the brain that can more clearly respect the unexpected nature of being alive and the ability to imagine the reality of death being “the real thing” and an event that doesn’t need any cash back guarantee. And that is the end of what could be multidimensional maze within a downward spiral of nagging regrets and other nasty thoughts.

How did that get so dark? I’m usually pretty goofy and fun….

Ollie: “DJ, in order to satisfy my 90’s music reference, go ahead and cue up – The Real Thing please.”

DJ: I got this Ollie, and yes, I heard “The Downward Spiral” mention. I’ve got nine Inch Nails all queued up for ya’.”

“Also, If you don’t trust me to pick up on your questionable musical references, then you can always pretend to be a better DJ for your weird blog posts.”

This site has grown from my enjoyment of writing mostly short book reviews on Audibles, to a multi platform social media hub that connects my Instagram page, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Goodreads, and now even YouTube has become the next unfortunate victim I shall continue to chip away at the stone, to clarify and expand on my unique Twist of ideas fueled by the Scifi and Fantasy books I love, and the all consuming impact in my life they have.

Although I am as small a fishy as there can be in this amazing writing community pond..lake…Ocean? Yes, ocean fits for many reasons. So, small is my influence, but somewhat overcome by my excitement and hopefully unique voice.

I have so many creative and fun things I’d like to be doing with books and hope I get feedback about how weird I am, but reviews will still be the central spot all the other daring, and probably embarrassing, posts, and interactions I’ll be spreading out, will always rotate around.     

Thanks for your being the human that you are and let’s talk about all them books! Until the next time!!


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