Sairō’s Claw By Virginia McClain Book Review / Storytellers On Tour Event

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POSSIBLE ULTIMATE TOUR EXPERIENCE TICKETS: An Unforgettable Sidekick, Represent, Under
The Sea, It’s All About The Journey, That Ship Has Sailed, Love Actually, The More The Merrier, The
Pack Is Back In Town, Blood Suckers, A Villain You Love To Hate

  • Sairō’s Claw by Virginia McClain
  • Series: Gensokai Kaigai (#1), Chronicles of Gensokai (#3)
  • Published: May 7, 2021
  • Genre: Fantasy, Action-Adventure, LGBTQ, Seafaring Adventure Fantasy, Samurai-inspired Fantasy
  • Pages: 471
  • Trigger/Content Warning: Violence

The Book Review ● ☆☆☆☆☆ ●

Thank you to Virginia McClain, and Storytellers On Tour for allowing me a spot on this exciting tour! This is being posted late, and my sincerest apologies to the author, as well as the organizers for my tardiness.

My book choices of late have been a bit on the strange and off the beaten path variety of late and this book has provided a healthy reminder of why I love that Grand scope True fantasy brings. I’ve also never read anything that included the stylish and swift bladed samurai action and I was hooked.

I was a little thrown off initially as I thought things would be going back and forth between two separate storyline, but once I grasped the import of the events at the beginning, followed by the continued story of one hell of a sea captain, I was engaged in the building up of the characters within the story, or, the story around the main characters.

Kaiyo is the experienced Captain of a ship that is crewed by what is a very loyal crew, who also have amongst themselves, individuals who have abilities to control the wind, ocean, and healing, which we get an awesome example of early on. The Captain is also the daughter of some very powerful people in the realm and she is soon called on to undertake a very secretive mission that creates a ton of anticipation as well as the beginning of the bigger storyline (don’t forget about the mysterious ship from the beginning though) the was a joy to read and uncover.

This is also the first taste of the authors work I’ve had the privilege to read, and the quality of action, character, story, suspense, magic, mystery..all the little things that make up a perfect book are here. This is an author I would not be surprised by, in the least, to see at my local bookstore, with the “recommended by ian” handwritten store recommendation flashcard in front of it.

To be placed in the moment is at times hard to do in my daily life, with all the worries, stress, distractions and fears to twist and pull my focus and train of thought that it’s notable when I find myself “in the zone” while reading. There is one character I loved for many reasons, love their child one of them, but during her moments of effortless self defense, she is dealing out death as a defensive reaction that is so graceful, powerfull, and still full of moment by moment clear thought that I felt like I was a part of scene and experiencing that clearness of thought for myself, instead of just reading it.

For all these reasons, and many more, including the highly imaginitive heights this book took me, I would say it would be a good read for someone with almost any reading preference and I look forward to following the authors future and previous works.

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Author Info

Virginia McClain is an author who masqueraded as a language teacher for a decade or so. When she’s
not reading or writing she can generally be found playing outside with her four legged adventure
buddy and the tiny human she helped to build from scratch. She enjoys climbing to the top of tall
rocks, running through deserts, mountains, and woodlands, and carrying a foldable home on her back
whenever she gets a chance. She’s also fond of word games, and writing descriptions of herself that
are needlessly vague.


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  1. Hello, A while back you said you started reading my book “Rayna Spark and Lightning in a Bottle” with your 7-year-old daughter. Wondering if you ever finished it and what you thought. Regards, Sal Armato

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