Can’t Wait Wednesday’s

Can’t-Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted at Wishful Endings, to spotlight and discuss the books we’re excited about that we have yet to read. Generally they’re books that have yet to be released. It’s based on Waiting on Wednesday, hosted by the fabulous Jill at Breaking The Spine.

I’ve been intrigued by The Captain at Captains Quarters who somehow finds time, while sailing the seas in search treasure I can only assume, to show off some exciting books every week. Credit also goes to Drew @ The Tatooed Book Geek, So here we go!

Purgatory Mount on February 4th, 2021

First up is a SF book I found last night that sounds so good. Mount Purgatory by Adam Roberts. A lifelong mission to reach a habitable planet that has a Tower that reaching the atmosphere, the world abandoned, for the arriving humans, the mystery sounds scary as heck. All this is somehow connected to a mystery happening on a near future earth.


An interstellar craft is decelerating after its century-long voyage. Its destination is V538 Aurigae ?, a now-empty planet dominated by one gigantic megastructure, a conical mountain of such height that its summit is high above the atmosphere. The ship’s crew of five hope to discover how the long-departed builders made such a colossal thing, and why: a space elevator? a temple? a work of art? Its resemblance to the mountain of purgatory lead the crew to call this world Dante.

In our near future, the United States is falling apart. A neurotoxin has interfered with the memory function of many of the population, leaving them reliant on their phones as makeshift memory prostheses. But life goes on. For Ottoline Barragao, a regular kid juggling school and her friends and her beehives in the back garden, things are about to get very dangerous, chased across the north-east by competing groups, each willing to do whatever it takes to get inside Ottoline’s private network and recover the secret inside.

Purgatory Mount, Adam Roberts’s first SF novel for three years, combines wry space opera and a fast-paced thriller in equal measure. It is a novel about memory and atonement, about exploration and passion, and like all of Roberts’s novels it’s not quite like anything else.

Brief thoughts:

This is topping my list of future releases right now and I am downright deflated that I am forced to endure another month before its release on February 4th. But at least I didn’t hear about it a few months ago right? Otherwise, I would be a mess by now from all the waiting…I really suck at this thing called “Patience”.  Pre order Purchase info and Specs are listed below

Next up is also highly anticipated Fantasy, and sounds like a book that will be on everyone’s radar before long. Wait til you read the rundown on it. It’s also self published, and a debut from S.J. Hull. The title rocks, it sounds like something holding tons of meaning and weight. It is called The Crimson Script and the authors website has the first chapter available for free. Link provided below.



Release Date February 12, 2021

Abys-Luthil is a city that stands upon the brink of civil war. Its halls of power darken with growing plots, and rival gangs terrorise its aged streets. Criminals raid stately homes in search of arcane artifacts, as the city’s nobles withdraw behind their household guards. 

Within this city of masks and deceit, Lyra Alpheri moves between the shadows, hunting those who would prey upon the weak. By day she returns to a life of civilised nobility, as the daughter of the renowned magister, Maellon Alpheri. Aided by her friend Kat, and the master of the arcane forge, Virgil, Lyra swiftly brings justice to those who plague the streets. However, it is not long before the political upheaval of Abys-Luthil’s scheming magisters brings trouble to her own home, and after the very fabric of her world is ripped from under her feet, Lyra descends into the city’s depths to wreak a terrible vengeance.          

In a journey that runs thick with blood, betrayal and otherworldly power, Lyra walks the darkest of paths, one which soon tests mind, body and soul. But, as the bodies mount, is Lyra in danger of becoming the very evil which she so desperately fights against?  

Sounds great, right!? ‘Course it does, and it coming soon!

S.J. Hull

Thank you for stopping by.. I hope everyone has had a good start to the new year. So that’s officially my first post of the year, and with all the mouth watering SFF books on the horizon, I felt that participating in this meme would be perfect.

Happy Reading folks!!


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