Wine Dark Deep by R. Peter Keith – Mini Review

Wine Dark Deep by R. Peter Keith

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Wine Dark Deep – A hard science-fiction space opera. Equal parts Star Trek, The Martian, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and The Expanse – The First Book in the Epic Odyssey of the Spaceship Ulysses and its Crew!When the solar system’s key asteroid mine is seized by revolutionaries, it puts the secret mission of the spaceship Ulysses in jeopardy. Without a refueling launch from the asteroid, the survival of the ship and its crew is uncertain. The safest course for the Ulysses? Abandon the mission and limp home. But Cal Scott, captain of the Ulysses, is an astronaut of the old school and failure is not an option. He has a plan: head straight for the asteroid belt and get their fuel-one way or another.

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Thank you to Goodreads Giveaways, and R. Peter Keith for providing the electronic copy. Although I am very grateful for the copy, it did not influence my review in any way.

My Review:

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Wowzers!! I highly recommend this tightly written, Science fiction space opera, and this short review is my brief love letter to a book I feel deserves the love and attention.

Its hard to find quality space drama that isn’t set centuries beyond our present day spaceless epoch. I feel like Wine Dark Deep could be now, not fifty, or five hundred years down the road. To feel like space travel, REAL space travel is a tactile possibility, and not just a dream, is a joy and I didn’t realize was something my SF reading was lacking. In no way does this take away from the futuristic mind bending tech, and leaps of science, I enjoy immersing myself in Space Opera of course. It just reminded me that to get There, we have to start Here.

This high drama and tense adventure takes place right here within our solar system. A fantastic example of a calm and gutsy captain, who tries to win the day and pull of the impossible to save his crew,, with a whole lot riding on his success.

I didn’t expect to be so entertained by a story like this thats set within our part of the neighborhood, as i love the “out there” stuff, and I don’t know if the next part in the story goes out of system, but I love to think it will. Either way, this worked for me.

It pits a science ship, The USS Ulysses, advanced, new and shiny. Against a small, but extremely wealthy, and soon to be (if plans go their way) powerful community on Ceres. Because of the abundance of natural resources, and very low gravity and atmosphere, the cost to lift off, or move products from ground to space being almost negligible place where almost all the fuel used for space travel, comes from.


The crew of scientists find themselves having to make a tough choice, more like a gamble, in order to reach the location of their long awaited scientific study. Each crew member was distinct and felt…real! How many times do we read a book where we either cannot keep the characters, their names, personalities all nicely visualized, or we don’t care about them enough to really try to see them. Each member of the crew, and even the adversaries have that ease of imaginings, at least for me anyway.

The insane series of events that happen in rapid fire sequences were pure joy to read, and enjoy.

This was a fast paced, well constructed space adventure that I flew through. I won it from a goodreads giveaways, and when I started it, it was just to get the feel as I was reading a couple books already. I was not expecting to become fully engrossed in the story as quickly as I did.

This is high caliber writing, and I’m compelled to move on to part two right away.

Thats it for now. Thank you all, for taking your precious time to stop by!

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Wine Dark Deep (Wine Dark Deep, #1)

Author Bio:

R. Peter Keith is the creative director of a NASA Space Act Agreement partner company that specializes in the design, fabrication and exhibition of museum exhibits and interactive experiences. He’s flown the NASA-Langley Lunar Lander Simulator to a landing in front of the Moon McDonalds* and has spent research time inside an original Apollo LM and the Orion Spacecraft with one of its engineers. For the past five years, Keith collaborated with NASA to produce a simulation-based exhibition that focused on the basic concepts of spaceflight and their possible application in the colonization of our solar system. On it’s premiere, the exhibit broke all attendance records for Space Center Houston, the official NASA Visitor Center for the Johnson Space Center, home of the astronaut program. The many long, thoughtful and technical conversations with NASA experts and advisors from Houston, Langley and JPL that occurred during the creation of this exhibition and its seven simulations and related programs provided the germ of the idea that became the WINE-DARK DEEP series. Keith lives in Vermont with his wife, kids and dogs. He has hung on to an old car for so long it has become cool again and has done the same with a few pairs of pants. He has an unreasonable love for all speculative fiction, having grown up with both classic literary and film works as well as the wonders of Marvel comics, Star Trek and Star Blazers. He’s an avid video game fan as well as a voracious reader.

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4 thoughts on “Wine Dark Deep by R. Peter Keith – Mini Review

  1. Thank you so much for the review! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I too am just thrilled that people are reading my stuff – and to think that you enjoyed it as much as you did, that is just amazingly gratifying. Reviews really are life for books in more ways than one. Both in helping to (hopefully) find an audience but also on the morale of an author. When the book really connects with a reader and I get to hear about it. . . it’s absolutely rejuvenating. And authors need that, if my experience is any guide. Thank you again! I can’t wait to hear what you think of book two!

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