Amethyst By Jesse Nolan Bailey

Storytellers on Tour Day 2

Book Blurb
Rashell’s brother has vanished. When the local villagers express no concern, she enlists
the help of a stranger from a faraway city to find Teth.
Investigator Derrik discovers the people worship a massive stone known as the
Amethyst. Even more bizarre, an ancient relic of a mummy fuels their reverence.
Given limited time, Rashell and Derrik confront these mysterious elements at play, all
the while striving to uncover what happened to Rashell’s brother.

Book Information
Amethyst by Jesse Nolan Bailey
Published: September 24, 2020
Genre: Fantasy (New Weird)
Age Group: Adult
Cover Art and Design: Rena Violet
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My Review 4.5 Stars

This book really took hold of me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but saw the author put it under the “weird” genre, and having already read his previous, and debut novel, The Jealousy of Jalice, I couldn’t pass up joining up for the tour. Weird? Yes. Dark? Definitely. Suspense? Check. Horror? Check. Bliss? Nahhhhh, no bliss, but a lot of thoughtful writing, and a Holmesian investigator from outside the walls of the village, where the main story takes place, who is full of rash and seemingly bad on the spot decisions.

The story was written in a clear and linear path, so its very easy to follow along. The setting itself initially brought an image of the movie, The Village, as it deals with an group of people walled off from the world at large, with a strange focus sitting at their spiritual, and physical center, maybe slightly off center, as there was no map. (Maybe the Subterranean Press edition??..hint hint)

Freaky dude from Phantasm

Rashell, the primary character sends for help outside the village to help find her missing brother. Enter Derrick, the investigator who wastes no time in making this story exciting. Throw in the freaky leader of this community, or, village, freaky being understated, as thoughts of the “Phantasm” guy peck at my brain and …….I cannot say more, or else I won’t be able to stop and tell you what happens, and what else is involved. I will say the Amethyst part of the story is really weird,, interesting,, and i wouldve read another 500 pages to know more about the Amethyst! Jesse accomplishes, in crafting a tale that has his signature style through and through, which I find really cool, and makes this one a success. More so, being such a young and newly established writer. Here’s a link to his first book, as well as a pic of the great cover for your viewing and reading pleasure, The Jealousy Of Jalice

Trigger warning I would briefly mention: If you’re slightly squeamish, there are some scenes that you might find uncomfortable. As a fan of Gary, a band that had a lot of fun cutting off body parts, and spraying blood all over the audience, it only warmed my pure little heart that much more.

“Say no more unless you wish,” he said. “I embrace your truth. You are not the first that I’ve met that has encountered life’s internal mysteries. So isolated out here, you probably have never met another person of similar experiences to your own, but I assure you there are others.”

Another aspect of the story, one I typically don’t mention in my reviews, as I don’t want my ignorance to hurt another human, is the main characters clearly stating that she was born with a man’s body, but as life was lived  she realized that she was not a man on the inside. This is a small part of the story, but I felt was woven into the story honestly, and naturally. In fact, one of the best quotes, was in regards to this. I didn’t highlight it at the time, but will find it for you…(See above quote and below)

“A person’s soul and essence speak a greater truth than a person’s skin or a person’s body,” Rashell stated quickly. The faster she spoke, the less chance he had to interrupt with some crude comment. “I don’t have answers as to why I came into this world the way I am—but I do listen to my soul, and it tells me I’m not a man.”

All in all, I enjoyed all the different elements of the book, and couldn’t stop reading it once I started it. I’ve left out a lot of the story for fear of giving away too much, but its a book in its own category. I hope you give the book a chance, if you haven’t already. Follow the mystery of The Amethyst, and the strange world it’s in.

Thank you for taking your time to read the review and stopping by. Also, huge thanks to Storytellers On Tour, and the incredibly talented, and super nice guy, Jesse Nolan Bailey for including me on the tour!

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Enthralled by the magic that written stories contain, Jesse Nolan Bailey has always
wanted to be an author. With his debut novel, THE JEALOUSY OF JALICE, and his
shorter fiction, AMETHYST, released to the masses, he can now claim such title with
relief. He lives in Durham, North Carolina, where he has embraced the equally-gratifying
lifework of hosting a trio of spoiled cats and two mini-aussies


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