H.P. Lovecraft’s The Color Out of Space – The most fun I will ever have writing a SF Movie Review

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Scifi Movie Review

Well done Mr. Cage, my wife will be very upset if she runs across this review, not that she reads my reviews, but if she did, I’d “have some ‘splainin’ to do.” (That’s a Ricky Ricardo quote, just in case you are wondering why i spelled it like that.”

I watched this spur of the moment after my wife fell asleep and even though I was paranoid she would wake up and catch me on my computer watching a NC movie, I stayed strong and was able to watch the whole thing. Great fun for any Scifi fan, as well as horror, even better if you’re into the darker sf horror genre that is immediately mentioned when Lovecraft is a part of the conversation.

Cool home in the woods, teenagers going through some stuff, Mom has been uber busy makin’ it happen in her home office. I mean, she is on the phone with clients and being direct as heck, and when you work from home and on the phones, the last thing you need is the animals in the barn to keep getting out and really stressing out your husband, as he is a walking on the edge a bit, and handling things while your working those phones, and if those animals don’t stay where they are supposed to , you really don’t know what will happen. I’m not talking about the well though. Nope.

The Science guy just dropped the ball though, something is happening with the water, he’s in the area to study the water, and its not until things have escalated beyond his abilities to intervene, that he’s like “I am going to look at you in the eye, with a serious expression on my face and tell you “something” is wrong out there, and to be safe, don’t go out of your way if you really, really need a bath, or are just a tad thirsty, maybe don’t drink the water….at least for now.” Not being a local though, you’ve got your work cut out for you, if you want the townfolk to hear you out.

In all seriousness The color of night made me want to give Nick Cage a high five, not in front of my wife of course, but kinda secretly, like if we ran into each other at the golf course and were like “high five?” “yeah, High Five, all the way.” It was also full of tense moments, freaky family members turning into things, a Well, Tommy Chong, and some Magenta’s along the way!.


4 thoughts on “H.P. Lovecraft’s The Color Out of Space – The most fun I will ever have writing a SF Movie Review

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