The Laughing Heart by Luke Tarzian (Shadow Twins .50) Book Review

“Ig tahn na’tuul.”

Official Blurb: THE LAUGHING HEART follows the early years of one Cailean Catil, introduced initially in VULTURES. Still reeling from the death of his husband Bar, a young Cailean takes up arms against the fallen angel Galska Nuul in an effort to release the city of Harbanan from the monster’s hold. But as Cailean quickly learns, things aren’t exactly what they seem. Once marked, always marked.

  • Kindle edition 50 pages
  • Published(Self) August 21st, 2020

“Hypnotic writing, I absorbed this, more than read it. Smooth writing and great dark fantasy.” – Ollie

Hello friends and readers! In this last day of September, and the beginning of fall. What a rough year, made better by some incredibly imaginitive books I’ve been lucky enough to read. I hope you enjoy my sorta short review and am enticed to give the book a shot.

“The night wept as Cailean neared the crypt. Drops of rain like faerie lips upon his cheeks; soft and forlorn all at once.”

I wish this one was longer, but ultimately the length is part of the charm. I wanted to read it for awhile and finally started it a couple days ago. It flew by. Luke has a writing style that falls right into the fantasy genre, but is also in a class of his own.

The writing feels like it come from an old man that’s seen all the world has to offer and is only now pouring out the years of lessons onto pages filled with creative imagination. He is in the zone on this one and am so excited to see his future unfold as a writer.

If you’re familiar with any of Luke’s other Shadow Twins books, you already know that there can be what seems like a confusing time hop going on, but as I’ve become more familiar with this style, I’ve come to anticipate each time hop. It’s an interesting way of telling a story, and I would think is a challenge for the writer. The writing is so engaging though, that it adds more to the excitement and anticipation than anything else.

Cailean pushed himself to stand. The glade spun and he staggered like a foal. He retched a bitter, midnight ichor and it burned. With it, bile and blood, pooling at his feet and washed away by rain. He tottered toward the trees. Every breath was short, and every fiber of his being screamed as the atrophy awoke.”

This story is based around a main character who’s lost his husband, and has been crushed by the loss. Wanting revenge on this fallen angel who has waged war across the land is his only solace. A meeting between the two provides exciting revelations and sets the backdrop for a unique series of events.

It’s emotional, brutal, and poetic, yet a fantasy world I connected with, by capturing my imagination. This book is my new favorite of his and am grateful I picked it up when I did.

“Ig tahn na’tuul.” To Bar, the truth inside the madness that was Galska Nuul.”


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