Solvents by Nicholas Lawrence Carter Book Review – Self Published SFF Part 1

Solvents by Nicholas Lawrence Carter Book Review

Released 8/24/2020 | Self Published | 71 Pages

This was a bit of a different kind of read for me, as Ive been reading a lot of hard SF lately. However, in an attempt to go outside my box, I’ve accepted a few review requests from some self published and indie SF and Fantasy writers that I hope to write about on my blog as a continuing series of Blogs, at least through the end of September.

First up, for my first indie segment, is a Science Fiction Novella by Nicholas Lawrence Carter, who released Solvents on August 24th. He also has another book coming out in the next few weeks.

This is a fast tempo story that is centered around June, as well as a pair of Time Travelers who arrive through a portal, smack dab in the middle of the living room June, and her brother are gathered in, watching some sort of gameshow on TV. They really mess up the nice evening they were having, but more importantly, explain that June is being hunted by other Time Jumpers for reasons that honestly, June doesn’t believe, or understand. So begins her journey from the norm.

Things I Liked

I really enjoyed the descriptions of the Headquarters, located outside the normal time stream, as well as scientific explanations, and terms, the writer presents to June. In the hopes that she would understand, and be on board with the crazy plan they hope to include her in.

There is also a pair of characters we glimpse, every other chapter or so, that seem to carry the weight of the universe. They create, with Godlike powers and abilities, while dealing with a dividing issue that seems to be pushing they away from each other. Part of what made the story interesting is trying to figure out who these two are, and where in heck they fit into all this.

I liked the galactic scope of things around these two, and as Creator’s, with all powerful abilities that clearly have personalities with problems, it gave a nice shade to the story. There were some great atmospheric descriptions of solar, and planetary creation as well in these chapter breaks that I enjoyed.


I would’ve liked more detail in regards to June, maybe give the reader a bit more of her story, or her life struggles and experiences. That would have helped me care more about her. I think I would’ve liked to see, or get a better impression of, June as somebody who plays a bigger role in the society she lives in, just to make the stakes higher. I realize I’m pushing it, I am not the one who put my heart out there and wrote this book of course. I only mention those things in the hopes that as an up and coming writer, maybe my comments help Nicholas in some small way in his future works, which I will be excited to follow!

Rating 3.7

Thank you to the author for an electronic copy that was provided in exchange for an honest review.

I appreciate your time, as a visitor to this little ‘Spot, and want to say thanks for being you!

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