TBR hopes and plans for the month of May – Part I

I’ve been gathering an awesome group of independent and self published books to read, and it look like this will be the month I get to finally read some of them. Heres a cool list of some interesting books and their fascinating authors that wrote them.

First up, I’m currently reading a digital ARC of The Jealousy Of Jalice, by Jesse Nolan Bailey. I spotted the cover on a Twitter post around 2 months ago and was immediately interested. I’ll be participating in a Blog tour, presented by Storytellers On Tour, between May 24th and May 30th. I’m already enjoying the book and can’t wait for my day on the tour

I’m also in the process of reading a book I purchased on its release date by the Heavy Metal guitar playing master, Michael R. Fletcher. Its called Black Stone Heart, and is another dark journey into a fantasy world that I’m really enjoying. I loved another one of his books called Smoke and Stone and was excited to read this the moment it was released.

Purchase Black Stone Heart here on Amazon if you’re cool.

Also on the horizon, I have a lot of interest in reading Sarah Chorn’s “Of Honey and Wildfires.” This is more along the lines of a speculative fiction, and her writing is described as “darkly beautiful.” The cover is beautiful as well.. I have a good feeling about this, and I was offered a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review. I could not say no, as I was about to buy it anyway. I really hope I like it and can provide an honestly good review.

Buy here on Amazon

Next up, is Stephen Zimmer “Heart of a Lion” which was sent and personally signed to me recently. This is the third in a series and has a lead female called Rayden Valkarie, in a magical, dark fantasy type setting. Stephen has been incredibly nice and has all kinds of projects that are fantasy related, including movies, book tours, helping writers, and of course books.

I’ve got another group of self published, and indie books I’m desperately wanting to read, including a group of five darker type fantasy books I won from Fantasy Book Critic during the #socialdistancinggiveaway about a month ago. I will write another post with all those titles, and more. I just wish I had two of me, one to work and stay busy with the kiddos, and one to read all day.

The bottom line is, I love reading and I get so much out of every book I read, and I feel obliged to do my part to help by providing fun feedback that might serve as positive publicity for the creator. The writing community, especially the SFF group is so much fun to engage with, and I’m fortunate to get the opportunity to have my time place in it.

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