The World Maker Parable By Luke Tarzian

Link to purchase:

  • Publisher
  • Publication date April 1, 2020
  • Book length 151
  • ISBN-101734519827

Summery from the Author’s Website:

About the Book

Guilt will always call you back…

Rhona is a faithful servant of the country Jémoon and a woman in love. Everything changes when her beloved sets the ravenous Vulture goddess loose upon the land. Forced to execute the woman she loves for committing treason, Rhona discovers a profound correlation between morality and truth. A connection that might save her people or annihilate them all.

You are a lie…

Varésh Lúm-talé is many things, most of all a genocidal liar. A falsity searching for the Phoenix goddess whom he believes can help him rectify his atrocities. Such an undertaking is an arduous one for a man with missing memories and a conscience set on rending him from inside out. A man whose journey leads to Hang-Dead Forest and a meeting with a Vulture goddess who is not entirely as she seems.

My review:

Thank you to the Author, Luke Tarzian, who provided me a free electronic copy of this book in exchange for a fair, and honest review.

My personal blurb:

“Luke has written a visually stunning, and mind-spinning dark fantasy. I was swept along on it’s unique, myth buiding, puzzler of grand proportions!”

What a book, I had been looking forward to Luke’s book called Vultures, for sometime now. His self-deprecating humor, as seen on his social media is right down my alley, and many of my friends have had outstanding reviews of his writing. I was so excited to get the opportunity to read this, as it is very new, and book 0 in his Vultures series.

I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit hard writing a straight forward review for this book, as it deals with dreams of Gods, dreams within dreams, and characters that are shifting around. I was enthralled though, by the dark and broken hearted world Luke has created. The world building is outstanding, and the characters are a part of that, as they are the Architect-Gods responsible for managing this world and creating the harmony that is supposed to exist. Something has gone terribly wrong though, and there is more darkness then light in this world of theirs. There is heart wrenching guilt that bleeds from the pages at times. I’m so eager to read Vultures now as well, as I feel like some things might be made clear to me.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys darker fantasy that ventures into more abstract territory. I’m all for straight forward adventure, but, every once in a while, it’s good to remember that writing is an art form and each writer has their own view on reality, and fantasy is a great medium for venturing into ones creative vision.

Thanks for checking out my short review, and I hope you are hanging in there right now, another world itself is turned upside down.

5 of 5 Stars!!

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