Revenger by Alastair Reynolds

  • Winner of the 2017 Locus Award
  • Publication date: September 20, 2016
  • Publisher: Orbit

Description from Amazon:

Adrana and Fura Ness are the newest crew members of the legendary Captain Rackamore’s ship, using their mysterious powers as Bone Readers to find clues about their next score. But there might be more waiting for them in space than adventure and fortune: the fabled and feared Bosa Sennen, in particular.

My Review

When I read this, soon after it’s release, I had previously gone through all of the Revelation Space and Prefect Dryfuss Emergency stuff, as well as Century Rain, and Pushing Ice. All of it far reaching, mind expanding, highly imaginative scifi. After reading the majority of Peter F. Hamilton’s work, I found Alastair Reynolds to satisfy my scifi craving and was well sated.

The bar was set very high, to say the least, but I really like to take each book for what it’s worth, as it is a form of art. I noticed a number of Reynolds fans that didn’t appreciate the incredible writing, and the unique world building that takes place in, not only Revenger, but in the whole series.

I found it so hard to understand fans who just labeled it as YA, nothing wrong with young adult type books. Generally, YA is just a long ways from the Hard Scif he’s typically known for. I ran into highly critical Reynolds fan that were snubbing their noses at it. Are the main characters young women? And is the story told from their perspective? Yes. And it was awesome.

His writing is so complete. To imagine a time when humans are surviving on what seems to be the remains of a fractured solar system, living on small artificial and natural worlds, in ships that are more steam based tech than the insanely developed electronic/digital tech that a lot of scifi has at the forefront. Communication devices are just called “squaks” and the ships use “bone readers” who use “alien” skulls with “glowy, sparkly stuff” on the inside, to get into the minds of the bone readers on other ships.

This is all done so naturally though. Then you’ve got mysterious, killer space pirates, a currency based on the qoines. Currency that is retrieved from “baubles” that are orbiting,  moon-like gravity wells full of old tech and other forms of wealth. The baubles were fascinating, they were only accessible for short periods of times, hours or days at most, and were full of traps and dangers that made bauble cracking a business for most crews serving on their solar powered steam space ships. I though it was genious, and fulfilling. I found the story was fast paced and easy to follow.

5 Stars, all the way.

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Revenger (The Revenger Series Book 1)

3 thoughts on “Revenger by Alastair Reynolds

    • Thank you for the compliment! I’d say Revelation Space, mainly because it’s the first in the series. But, House of Suns would be another to check out and see if it sounds interesting. It’s a one off, but a great story. I started RS 2 or 3 times before I finally got more than 5 or 6 pages in, then I was hooked.

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