2 minute review of The Outside by Ada Hoffman and Bonds of Brass by Emily Strutskie

After A long break not writing on my Blog I’m finally taking some important self-indulgent time to talk about what I’m reading and listening to. The Outside by Ada Hoffman’s audiobook read by Nancy Wu, and reading an ARC of The Bonds of Brass by Emily Strutsie on my kindle device, both Scifi, and both excellent. Reading two at once, you really get a feel for how different and unique each writers style is.

I’m about 25% into Bonds of Brass and the story is really moving. The main character is leaving his world, literally and figuratively, behind him. A world he was successfull in as a cadet in a flight school, on a planet run by a people that took over his planet after an invasion and war 7 years earlier. His best and closest friend is not who he thought, but is someone he’s willing to protect, no matter the personal cost. Great space empires, and kids racing across the vastness of space alone, to either find safety or to be caught. There is a lot of fun stuff about to happen and am excited to see where it goes. I’m guessing it’s going to get very complicated. I want to give a big thank you to Net Galley for an a kindle ARC of this.

When I’m commuting, its audiobooks, all the time. The Outside is currently on, by Ada Hoffman and narrated by the wonderful Nancy Wu.

This story has definitely got some deep scifi concepts running through it. Definite far future time frame, scientists dealing with reality shifting experiments, space stations, technologically advanced humans become Gods and angels, and lots of other scifi fun and madness, which I’m really enjoying.

I wish I had more time, but the kids are going completely bonkers, apparently finishing the bag of popcorn is enough to set off world war III. Thank you for reading, if you have any suggestions for how I could improve this, let me know. I’m not a writer, but I love the books I read and the authors are artists I love to support. Bye!