Reviewing the best in SciFi and Fantasy writing, with an occasional interview thrown in for good measure!

Updated 5th of February, 2021:

Welcome my friends to the 2nd year of OllieSpot SFF Book Reviews blog, and as an online entity! I see this as an extension of me, anchored somewhere in this cyber realm where energy and light are the kings and queens of reality. Let’s just keep the ball rolling, enjoy your books, say hi when you can, and I’ll meet you out on the open and infinite road that we get to travel as scifi and fantasy lovers!

2020 will be a fun year exploring, reviewing, and enjoying as many Fantasy and Science Fiction Books (and their authors), as is possible here @ OllieSpot Book Review!

I’m still new at this, and finding my way slowly, but will keep working on and improving things as I go.

Thanks for checking it out.

I love that feeling and wonderment of reading something that blows your mind. The writing community is producing amazing work right now, especially in the scifi and fantasy community and I’m eager to be supportive of the authors that deserve the recognition that seems to be lacking.

“SFF writers are my heros.”


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